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Premium Web Development Services.

I Design More Than Just WordPress Blogs & Web Sites. I Specialize In Custom Web Development, Social Media Management, E-Commerce Web Shops, & Web Consulting Services.

My Latest projects
  • Models Swimwear
  • Premium Indian Hair
  • Eco Life
  • Fashion E-Commerce
  • Bakey Store Design
  • Fashion Photography Web Design
  • Landing Page Design
  • Jazz Musician
  • Japan Tourism
  • Review & Rating Blog Design
  • Stylish Her: Style Concierge
  • Addicted To Him

The most rewarding aspect of the web development services I provide is freedom and control over your content. You and your team will be able to easily maintain and update your own website, blog, or store all on your own.

A Quick Look At My Web Development Services
All Websites Are Responsive & Retina Ready
Retina means the imagery used on your web project are high resolution graphics and responsive layout makes theme look great and crisp on any device and screen size such as desktops, mobile phones , and tablets.
Reach Your Target Audience
Starting from layout to element colors, everything can be changed to your taste. Try our live demo style switcher.
Social Media Marketing
Change every color and picture. Use one click option for super easy styling or define colors individually.
E-Commerce Web Site Design
Everyone can make template look as they want. Choose between boxed, boxed-attached and full width layout versions.
Mobile Apps
Vector icons, advanced theme options, huge font collection, post formats – are just some of the features theme offers.
Customer Support
If you ever need help, we will be there for you. Visit our support forums to get assistance in every situation.
Frequently Asked Web Development Questions & Answers
What Is The Definition of a CMS Platform?
A content management system abbreviated as CMS, enables the creation, content management, distribution, publishing of a web site or blog online. The best CMS platforms should be flexible, uncomplicated and help you to easily make a fully functioning web site.
What Are The Most Popular CMS Systems?
There are several CMS platforms online that are free and easy to use. The most popular is WordPress, followed by Drupal, and then Joomla. I prefer to use WordPresss and it’s not just that WordPress is used by more websites than Drupal & Joomla combined.

Or that many big names chose WordPress as their CMS, companies like :

  • The Wall Street Journal
  • The Official Website of Sweden
  • E’bay
  • Katy Perry
  • Mashable
  • Samsung
  • SONY
  • BBC America: “This giant WordPress Multisite install is the home for all the BBC America shows. Each site has its own child theme which is powered by the main framework.”
  • MSNBC TV: “Being billed as ”The Digital Place for Politics,” the central site is the place to get all the latest news from MSNBC news shows. Besides following a particular show’s news, you can follow “Issues” like Politics, Health, or Education across all their shows, or access “Voices” which groups all their opinion articles in one place.  The site also integrates social media components into the WordPress site, like the MSNBC Facebook page and a Twitter stream consisting of Tweets from all the MSNBC show Twitter accounts.”
  • Snoop Dogg: “Snoop Dogg’s site encompasses his entire online presence and seamlessly weaves in social media, video, music, and other multimedia for a content-rich experience for all his fans.”


It’s because it has it all, it’s free, very simple to maintain and comes with the most engaging online support community for any CMS based platform you can find online. There is always support and help for WordPress, and you don’t need to be  a web developer to maintain and control a WordPress CMS site once it’s been designed and setup to your liking.

Why Don't You Have Pricing Listed?
Some people feel frustrated having to call some random person to find out how much something is supposed to cost. I see things slightly differently. Every web site project is different. There are many who are building a website for social media platform for the first time ever and isn’t aware of what to ask for , such as:

  • the best options for what’s needed to reach your target audience
  • help with understanding  online tools such as social media, forums, and search engine rankings and how it helps your business
  • do you need a web developer or a web development consultant?
  • are you in need of a simple static web site that requires little updates or a full service web development plan that allows you full control over your content  that is consistently growing and changing, with all the social media integration, forms, and seo.

I’m not working with a company or firm , I don’t have a team of outsourced foreign developers doing the work for me. I take care and handle all web site & CMS web development, ad/print design, social media management for my clients. I use one of the best Javascript front end developers and programmers, Alan Price who can make custom scripts, mobile apps and WordPress plugins when special requests are made . I work from my home office, and all of my phone consultations are pressure free and informative. Please call 917-243-3454 and ask for Jen.

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“We have been faithful clients to Jen for 8 years and would never think of using anyone else. There is nothing like the personal touch and attention she gives to our projects and we can always depend on her being available and ready to help. – Van Dyck Media”Daniela Ramon
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