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Stock Photo Giveaway: 3 Free Image Downloads From Fotolia.com!

Any true  web designer can tell you there is no denying the power of content, in particular photo content when creating the visual appeal of the design. If you ever wonder where websites and blogs come across the photos you see on their site think stock photography. I don't know what I what do without this option, it makes my job so much more easy and it's fun finding photos for my projects. There are many advantages to purchasing photo stock ... Read more

Fix for post content not showing when sharing social media.

As a professional blog designer, this job can constantly teach you new things on a daily basis. The coolest thing is finding a fix for problems that stump you for no reasonable explanation. Like this one. I spent hours trying to fix a very annoying issue with a client's Facebook and twitter post content details not excerpting correctly when trying to 'share' a post or page on a Wordpress blog. I installed one of my favorite plugins Sociable onto a client's blog and ... Read more

Free Fashion Style Photoshop Landing Page

This hot pink and green fashion landing page psd file is available for immediate download. Download The  Free "Fashion Style" Pink & Green Layout Now Read more

100% Free Photoshop Layout Blue Bay

Download this free template layout made with Photoshop Cs3 by I Design Blogs *In order to download this file you must have a Facebook account . Please do not contact me for any support questions for free downloads.*     Read more

Free photoshop template layout

Please enjoy this corporate style free photoshop layout brought to you by I Design Blogs. Download The Free Photoshop Template Layout " The Big Idea" Now on Facebook Now!   This free layout is a blue and white business themed photoshop file that you may use for any reason. You do not have permission to reuse the photos included in the psd. There is no support for any free files I offer . Support is only for my web site and blog design clients. ... Read more

Top 5 Web Hosts For WordPress Blogs

// // As a professional web designer, you learn over the years what works best for what you need pretty quickly. I find myself talking about web hosting on a daily basis to many new clients and others inquiring about my blog design services. Please review my list of  the top 5 Wordpress blog hosting providers of 2011 Bluehost When it comes to hosting a Wordpress blog, there seems to be no other choice other than Bluehost. I couldn't really explain to you why ... Read more

Fix for twitter widgets tweets that go blank on website.

The other day I was contacted by a client who mentioned to me that all of the tweets that is  usually displayed on the twitter widget embedded on her site were simply gone and not updating. I assumed that maybe she somehow set her tweets to private and maybe that was the reason her tweets were no longer showing, but when I logged into her account I saw that all of he settings were perfect. Through much trial and error, my ... Read more

How to define a site in Dreamweaver *video*

This is an awesome video tutorial from PixelForLife on how to define a site in Dreamweaver.. ******************************************************** This is one of the most important steps when you decide to use Dreamweaver. This should be done before you even create a new page, but if you have already created one, it’s not too late to define your website. Read more

Why (self hosted) WordPress is better than Blogger

This is an article from Mr. Gobala Krishnan about why he feels Wordpress is superior to Blogger. I think this is a great piece of info for those interested in chosing a blogging platform.- Jen   There's a war going on in the blogosphere, and it has nothing to do with bloggers dissing each other on their respective websites. The war is about control of the blogosphere by several great, many good, and tons of terrible blogging platforms. The average newbie now has ... Read more

Make wrinkles disapear

When it comes to photo retouch no can make you look better than me! I offer various choices of blemish removal blemish removal, that means stretch marks, acne, birthmarks, tattoos, scars anything and everything. With some photos depending on the quality and position I can even make you appear thinner where you need it most, Yes, I'm talking about weight reduction!. I can knock off 10 years within minutes and give your face a fresh glamours appearance. Eye color enhancement , ... Read more
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