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This is a custom designed wordpress squeeze page I made for UK fitness guru Pete Lee.  What’s a squeeze page? 

Squeeze pagesare landing pages created to solicit opt-in email addresses from prospective subscribers. It basically gets alot of useful info onto 1 page for fast and easy reading for viewers to decide what your services are about. Sometimes less is more, and making a wordpress squeeze page gives you the flexibilty and control you desire from CMS software, not to mention how killer squeeze pages are for seo purposes. View the full squeeze page blog @ www.fairdinkumfitness.com


About the author: Jen
Jen a NYC based custom web site and blog designer. I offer affordable, fast, and creative customizations of wordpress blogs and websites. I am also a genius at banner design and photo re-touch. Contact me at thetransmutator@gmail.com with your requests.

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