Fix for orange overlay ad in youtube and right-click copy “more” pop up .

I noticed a few days that an annoying orange overlay ad was suddenly appearing before every single youtube video I watched. It was ugly and cheap looking. It did not bear any resemblance to the slick , built in “skip this ad” interface we are all used to seeing before some monetized youtube videos.

To begin with, the ad begins to play the moment the page loads. Once you click on the orange “skip ad” button, the youtube video does not auto-start like it’s supposed to, it just sits there and forces you to press play.

I don’t like the idea of some slimy ad program attaching itself to my computer and the forcing me to watch videos the way it wants me to.

I also noticed that on certain sites, when I tried to right click and copy certain selections of text and or code, this annoying black pop up button with yellow font with the word”more” would¬† pop up over the selection, making it impossible for me to grab what I needed.

This obviously meant war, and after trying everything my 10 years of web development experience has taught me with no results, and 3 different scans looking for a kind of malicious activity, I crawled over to the google forums and noticed there were already freaked out web designers and web surfers already asking the same question I was. “Where did this come from?”.

I didn’t download anything knew or did anything radically different within the past month to my computer, so how did this happen? After 24 hours of submitting my question, someone in the forum found a quick and simple fix that once I saw it made me slap my head. The fix is the one thing I should have done first but of course never thought of.


It’s and add-on silly!

Problem solved:
In Internet Explorer  click on Tools Рmanage add-ons РToolbars and Extensions Рand disable SimplyGen -Complitly
In Chrome. Click on the wrench icon – Click on History- click on extensions- and disable Complitly plugin for chrome 1.1
No more orange skipad!!!

If your using Firefox like I was, just go under your orange firefox tab menu, click on the blue “add-ons” tab and then disable the Complitly add-on. Viola! problem solved! Make sure you restart your broswer once you disable the add-on.

I honestly don’t know how this got there, and deep down inside I don’t want to know, all I know is that it’s a goner and I couldn’t be happier. I hope this helps save you hours of frustration. Feel free to comment!

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