Fix for post content not showing when sharing social media.

As a professional blog designer, this job can constantly teach you new things on a daily basis. The coolest thing is finding a fix for problems that stump you for no reasonable explanation. Like this one.

I spent hours trying to fix a very annoying issue with a client’s Facebook and twitter post content details not excerpting correctly when trying to ‘share’ a post or page on a WordPress blog.

I installed one of my favorite plugins Sociable onto a client’s blog and begin testing the share features to make sure that when users shared any post or page to Facebook or Twitter , the post or page content will be posted on the Facebook wall. I noticed that although it was posting the correct url link for the post, it wasn’t pulling the excerpted content (aka the first few lines) of the post, instead it was just showing the site title and site description for no matter what post or page I tried to share.

After plenty of annoying attempts I tried something I though of first but didn’t test because it seemed too simple of a solution, and of course that worked.

When you find yourself in this position go to the ‘Trash‘ section of your posts. Look to see if the post you are trying to get to work has a duplicate post from previously before that you trashed. Select “Delete Permanently“, then go back to the post and correct the permalink of that particular post. For example , the permalink may be titled,

That extra ‘-3’ at the end of the url lets you know that there are at least 2 other versions of that same post that you may have trashed and did not permanently delete, if that was the only version of that url, your permalink would have the correct url without additional array at the end.

Just make sure you have the duplicate posts or pages in your trash removed, and then correct your permalink structure and when you try to post the article onto Facebook or Twitter you shouldn’t have any issue.

It is always a good idea to permanently delete any trashed posts or pages the moment you trash them. Just because you sent it to the trash doesn’t mean it doesn’t keep the trashed versions which can cause major conflicts with permalinking and duplicate content which pisses google off.

Please click on the screen shot below for a visual demo on how to fix this.


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