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Fix for twitter widgets tweets that go blank on website.

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The other day I was contacted by a client who mentioned to me that all of the tweets that is  usually displayed on the twitter widget embedded on her site were simply gone and not updating. I assumed that maybe she somehow set her tweets to private and maybe that was the reason her tweets were no longer showing, but when I logged into her account I saw that all of he settings were perfect. Through much trial and error, my client mentioned that maybe it’s because she re-tweeted some tweets from earlier this week, and maybe that was why it wasn’t showing. I personally thought it was unlikely but since nothing else seemed to make sense as to why the widget from the twitter site directly was not working, we figured it would be best to give it a try..of course that was EXACTLY what is was. One she undid her re-tweets her tweets began to show up again on her web site widget.

I find it fascinating that twitter would not have this mentioned anywhere on their site, It would have saved my 30 minutes of my life if I would have been able to know this just by reading the help section. If you ever run into a problem with your tweets not displaying properly on your  web site’s twitter widget, first make sure you did not select to make your tweets private, and second if you have recently re-tweeted any tweets, undo them , log out of twitter and refresh the page on your site and see if your tweets are back.

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