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When it comes to photo retouch no can make you look better than me! I offer various choices of blemish removal blemish removal, that means stretch marks, acne, birthmarks, tattoos, scars anything and everything. With some photos depending on the quality and position I can even make you appear thinner where you need it most, Yes, I’m talking about weight reduction!. I can knock off 10 years within minutes and give your face a fresh glamours appearance. Eye color enhancement , skin smoothing, and several other photo enhancement options are available.

Photo Enhancements aren’t just for those looking to erase blemishes on the body and face. If you have any photo that needs objects removed, logos blurred on shirts , enhance the color of a phtos, repair red eye, or background color changes just shoot me an email and I will see what I can do.

Prices for retouching starts off at $7 per photo and can go as high as $40 per photo. I offer discounts to customers who submit 10 photos or more.  In general people pay $7-$10 per photo. I don’t give exact pricing for most of my services because every job is unique and I charge according to how much time I assume it will take once I view the content.

Warning! I do not remove watermarks or security logos as a service so please do NOT  ask. I wouldn’t be saying this if others haven’t tried. Unless (with proof) they are your own photos of YOU that you need altered such as cropping or background removal for a cut-out, I will not manipulate watermarks for any other reason.

Here are some examples  below of cosmetic photo retouch, to visit my adult photo retouch page click here

Click to enlarge (these are examples not actual customers)

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