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New Freebie Layout! Orange Cream Free Photoshop Template.

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I love making beautiful colorful Photoshop templates for my followers and anyone who is interested in my giveaways. This design in particular was a mock-up I originally made for a client who ended up changing her entire concept for the blog design project she hired me for. The client never even saw it, so I had no use for it until now.

It’s just been sitting around collecting dust so I renamed it Orange Cream because that’s my new favorite color and now I’m giving this gorgeous file to you free of charge. All I ask is when you download my files, you like me on facebook and leave a comment on my blog. Your feedback is very important to me. Even if it’s free, I still care about what you think.

10 years ago when I started teaching myself web design, it was cool people who had web sites just like mine that were giving away all sorts of cool new layouts, and I learned a tremendous amount about web design and Photoshop from those freebies that webmasters and bloggers were giving away. I believe in paying it forward, and if any of my free files can help you create a web site, inspire you with new ideas for your blog, or you just want to practice with a solid premium free psd template then that will make me proud.

Enjoy the file and have fun!

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The Free Orange Cream PSD
  | Download This Orange Cream Layout

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  1. Chriss May 14, 2012 at 2:22 pm

    You make such awesome free templates and themes! Thanks! I looooove this one!

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