Jen Is An Experienced Full Stack New York City Web Developer.

[dropcap]M[/dropcap]y name is Jen, and I am a New York City based web designer and graphic designer with over 12 solid years of professional and creative experience. I offer clean, valid coded, professional web design for blogs, web sites, Facebook business pages, squeeze pages and landing pages.View my portfolio and check out my latest WordPress customizations.

I offer several services:

  • Search engine placement, SEO marketing
  • Installing social media plug-ins, and widgets, opt-in subscriber forms.
  • Creative, professional WordPress blog customizations.
  • Web site design, including HTML, XHTML, CSS, Flash, XML.
  • Photo retouch, including cosmetic air-brushing, photo-enhancement
  • Magazine ads, web banners, buttons, and graphic logos.
  • Creative business card design
  • Squeeze page web design or blog design ( yes I can make squeeze pages with wordpress)
  • Landing page blog design/web design
  • Facebook Business Page Design
  • Twitter page design

Getting a website or blog designed and uploaded is only the first step when your trying to stand out from the crowd online. Having your brands presence on social media sites like facebook, twitter and others helps bring amazing amounts of traffic and awareness to your business. I am able to merge all of these options into a traffic heavy , beautiful online network for your business. It’s no longer just about having a great looking website anymore.

I’m always appalled when I hear about the horror stories so many of my clients had to experience before finding me. Web designers holding sites hostage and demanding more money , or taking months to complete a simple site that should normally take less than a week to complete. I am known for my speed, and creativity and that’s what sets me apart from most web designers.

I am a huge fan of WordPress. It simply has changed the face of blogging and is clearly far superior than it’s rivals, Drupal, Joomla, Blogger, and Typepad. Trust me all of these services are quite good, but WordPress is an ever evolving powerhouse that constantly is improving upon itself. There is nothing more empowering than being able to setup and design a beautiful wordpress blog site and hand it over to a client and watch what they do with it. Many of my clients are running successful business , making money and getting job offers from the web sites and blogs I create for them. It’s easy to learn and is OUTSTANDING for seo placement.

I of course design traditional web sites with valid html and css but for blog design I am a sucker for WordPress. If I am feeling a little crazy I will accept job offers for Blogger design and customizations, but in all honesty there is something very cookie cutter about Blogger that bothers me. To each his own right? Thanks for reading up about me and make sure to view my blog design portfolio and email me with your questions about my services.