Top 5 Web Hosts For WordPress Blogs

As a professional web designer, you learn over the years what works best for what you need pretty quickly. I find myself talking about web hosting on a daily basis to many new clients and others inquiring about my blog design services.

Please review my list of  the top 5 WordPress blog hosting providers of 2011


When it comes to hosting a WordPress blog, there seems to be no other choice other than Bluehost. I couldn’t really explain to you why they are so much better, they just are. After years of working as a web designer I have nothing but GREAT things to say about their hosting. Visit Bluehost


I have personally used and recommended Dreamhost for the past 5 years to many of my clients. They offer a TON of amazing freebies which is by far a huge perk for me when choosing a hosting provider. Visit Dreamhost

Dreamhost hosting for wordpress blogs


This was the very first company I ever started using for hosting. I always was impressed with their customer service and easy to understand interface. They offer live 24/7 support and they are quite affordable. Visit Startlogic



One of the best things about Godaddy hosting is how affordable it is. They really work hard to find the best plan for your needs. WordPress hosting on Godaddy is a breeze to setup and if you can’t figure it out they have excellent 24/7 U.S. based support available. Visit Godaddy


Delightful Hosting

This new company was started by web designers and has grown into the ‘best kept secret’ in WordPress blog hosting. They offer great 24 hour support available 365 days a year. I think it’s worth checking out. Visit Delightful Hosting

Blog Hosting Delightful Hosting

Hosting a website or blog does not have to be a difficult process. First thing to consider is your level of knowledge about what kind of hosting you need for your project or business. With all the confusing hosting terminology you see splattered all over the thousands of hosting providers online it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and throw in the towel and find any reason to “postpone’ or online plans.

If your new to hosting the main thing you need to ask yourself is:

  1. Shared hosting (sometimes called virtual hosting) means that you are sharing a server with other clients of that company. The host manages the server almost completely (though you maintain your site and your account). They can afford to charge you little since many clients are paying for use of the server.
    **This is perfect for most clients who are hosting a normal size web site or blog that doesn’t demand extradordinary amounts of space **
  2. What are their hours of operation? Is technical support available and free? If no phone support is available, how reliable is their email support?  Is their support staff based in the U.S.?
    **Finding out the hours of operation is very important when choosing a host. there is nothing worse than having a major hosting meltdown only to find out that the hosting provider is closed on weekends or has limited tech support. There is no reason to not expect reliable technical support when your paying money for hosting. The best option for beginners is to make sure the host you have chosen a host who offers 24 hour phone support. When you have no idea whats going on, there is nothing more reassuring than knowing there is always someone available to help. **
  3. If you are choosing a host for WordPress blog hosting it’s imperative you ask if they offer some kind of a 1-click or easy installation wizard for installing Wordpress. All of the top hosting providers I listed above  offer a simple easy installation of WordPress , but do not assume that all hosting companies do. Manually uploading WordPress can be a nightmare sometimes and this distinction between instant installation that properly configures itself and manual installation is like night and day, you will save yourself hours of unnecessary confusion.



(Disclosure: We are offering a professional review  that receives compensation from the companies whose products we review. We test each product thoroughly and give high marks to only the very best. We are independently owned and the opinions expressed here are our own)

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