How to delete spam comments in bulk WordPress

Assuming you already know the basics of deleting spam comments, and if your one of the many unlucky souls that has a blog that is bombarded with spam comments by the hundreds and or thousands per month, you know that the default delete settings of 20 comments per page can make your life seem less enjoyable. Blog designers like myself are just as vunerable to the spam monsters crawling millions of sites everyday, so you have to learn to adpat.

WordPress (.org) has a feature that is barely noticeable in their options panel that will allow you change the default 20 comment items per page to as many as you like. When your in your dashboard under the spam comments section, you will notice on the top upper right of the page you see a tab that says “screen options”, click on that gray tab and it will toggle to show you the options for that page. To the far left of that panel you will see there area where you can change the amount of comments to display for that page.

In general I prefer to keep it at a max of 200 comments per page. I noticed when I had over 3,000 spam comments to delete that when I chose 500 as my max, it would take WordPress some time to render all the checks in the toggle box for deletion. Once all of your spam comments are selected just click on “delete permantly” and viola! Hundreds of useless spam comments are gone!

Deleting 200 comments per page is faster than 20. Do the math. Please click on on the image below to see a screenshot of the screen options panel in wordpress. I hope this helps you.

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