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Some people just aren’t savvy  when it comes to computers, web design, or graphic design. That’s why it’s always in your best interest to hire someone like me to assist you in your quest for the perfect blog template that meets your needs. What surprises so many people is how affordable my wordpress customizations are. On top of that, I can generally have a basic blog design done within 2-3 hours, Premium wordpress customizations can take 24-48 hours.

I’m always appauled when I hear  about the horror stories so many of my clients had to experience before finding me. Web designers holding sites hostage and demanding more money , or taking months to complete a simple site that should normally take less than a week to complete. I am known for my speed, and creativity and that’s what sets me apart from most web designers.

I am a huge fan of WordPress and I thank God for the amazing free support forums and blogs that have grown around this spectacular free publishing software.

Email Me  thetransmutator@aol.com

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Jen a NYC based custom web site and blog designer. I offer affordable, fast, and creative customizations of wordpress blogs and websites. I am also a genius at banner design and photo re-touch. Contact me at thetransmutator@gmail.com with your requests.

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