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Magazine styled current events blog design

Many blogs demand more than just two cloumns and some colored fonts. The magazine styled Wordpress blog design is the third re-design in 5 years for HarlemEnglish.com. Every few years I am asked to come back and give a modern, fun, and easy to manage new look for their African-American current events blog. As opposed to the last design which used mostly dark black and grey with pink highlights. This design is light, breezy, with light peach and lavender gray colors. ... Read more

Custom musician blog design

David Culter is a classical composer, pianist, educator, arranger, conductor, collaborator, concert producer, author, blogger, consultant, speaker, advocate, and entrepreneur, so I was flattered when he asked me to make the official blog for his web site  www.savvymusician.com Read more

WordPress Customizations

Some people just aren't savvy  when it comes to computers, web design, or graphic design. That's why it's always in your best interest to hire someone like me to assist you in your quest for the perfect blog template that meets your needs. What surprises so many people is how affordable my wordpress customizations are. On top of that, I can generally have a basic blog design done within 2-3 hours, Premium wordpress customizations can take 24-48 hours. I'm always appauled when I hear  ... Read more