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DreamPress Review: Is This Premium WordPress Hosting Worth It?

Since 2002 I have been working full time as web designer and developer, with expert knowledge of HTML/HTML5, PHP, CSS, ADOBE, etc. Within the past 10 years I have also been a dedicated and loyal user of Wordpress for a all of my blog design projects. So after hundreds of Wordpress blog design projects I am confident in my ability to to evaluate the ins and outs of this particular CMS platform. The beauty of using Wordpress is the intuitive ease of ... Read more

I Design Blogs Update

I apologize for not updating my blog, I know it sets an unpleasant tone to see content that isn't updated frequently. Due to the massive amount of design requests I have received in the past year it has become difficult to update my own site since I am giving all my attention to my clients who I am very grateful for. I work alone and I stay very busy, so it tends to get overwhelming. I am still available for web ... Read more

Fix for orange overlay ad in youtube and right-click copy “more” pop up .

I noticed a few days that an annoying orange overlay ad was suddenly appearing before every single youtube video I watched. It was ugly and cheap looking. It did not bear any resemblance to the slick , built in "skip this ad" interface we are all used to seeing before some monetized youtube videos. To begin with, the ad begins to play the moment the page loads. Once you click on the orange "skip ad" button, the youtube video does not auto-start ... Read more

How to make sure ‘DNS Changer’ doesn’t harm you

Tens of thousands of Americans whose computers are infected with malware will lose Internet service Monday. Here's a quick explanation of what led to this impending Internet blackout and how you can avoid being left in the dark. Tens of thousands of Americans whose computers are infected with malware will lose Internet service Monday. Here's a quick explanation of what led to this impending Internet blackout and how you can avoid being left in the dark. Over a year ago, hackers used an ... Read more

What is the difference between a WordPress blog and a Static Website?

One of the most amazing things I have learned over the past few years about running my own web design service is how little many of my clients actually know about the web design process. Knowing just some minor facts about the best options for the site you want put on the Internet can help you decide which route to chose for a platform to manage your site. The most common question people as me when we have our pre-design consultation is ... Read more

Review: Is thumbtack.com a good resource for web designers?

When you work full time as a web developer, you learn that part of your job includes self promotion and strategy. I'm constantly getting offers from all kinds of online marketing and service promotion companies asking me to sign up and join their service. Or other web designers who want to team up to trade links. Although those very techniques can be useful, I tend to be anti-social when it comes to forging online alliances in order to get more business. After ... Read more

The 5 Most Useful Plugins For WordPress

As a web developer who specializes in Wordpress blog design, I have had an on-going love hate relationship with plugins and how they can easily help/hurt enhance interactivity on your blog. They make your sidebar come alive, and can make or break your site's overall appearance.   The Pros Of Wordpress Plugins: [custom_list style="list-2"] 90% of all Wordpress plug-ins are totally free and easy to download and install right from within your dashboard. You can find a plug-in for almost anything. They save you massive amounts of time ... Read more

The top 10 things to consider when you create a new Wordpess blog.

re you ready to start an online business? Maybe you just want to run a blog for your own personal interest and passions. For whatever reason you desire if you decided to use Wordpress (self hosted)  then your already headed in the right direction. Wordpress is a CMS ( Content Management System ) that allows you tremendous control and flexibility over your web site. Obviously I am a blog designer and it's natural for me to suggest to you that it would ... Read more

I Design Blogs free real estate psd template

Here is yet another free and fabulous Photoshop template made by www.idesignblogs.com. All you have to do is "like" my Facebook page and you will be able to download these clean, beautiful 2 page free photoshop psds! Click Here To Download This Custom Made Photoshop Real Estate Template. Preview These Free Real Estate Photoshop Pages By Clicking The Thumbnails Below.   Read more

How to delete spam comments in bulk WordPress

Assuming you already know the basics of deleting spam comments, and if your one of the many unlucky souls that has a blog that is bombarded with spam comments by the hundreds and or thousands per month, you know that the default delete settings of 20 comments per page can make your life seem less enjoyable. Blog designers like myself are just as vunerable to the spam monsters crawling millions of sites everyday, so you have to learn to adpat. (more…) Read more
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